Why Boxers Are Healthier

That could just as easily have been a question. Indeed, why are boxers or boxer briefs chester pa packets healthier than, say, tight fitting and skimpy looking G-strings or underpants? In this last line, the clue was already given. And why are they called boxers? Why is that old faithful called a boxer and not something else more appropriate? Where is the resemblance in this faithful dog when comparing it to the prize-fighting bull in the ring?

boxers or boxer briefs chester pa

And that is why these boxers were christened so. They resemble the trunks those beefy boxers wear in the ring. But they are a lot more comfortable. There is no tight-fitting elastic around the wait. Good to know if you’ve managed to gain a few pounds over the years. Boxers are so casual; you can even wear it around the house. In fact, some guys have been seen walking around town in them. But no one is complaining.

Who is going to notice? They’re not complaining, the guys wearing the boxer shorts, because they’re living in a land of comfort. But those guys wearing those skimpy looking numbers might be. The thing is, it’s just so tight. And if their tackle is just a tad larger than average, that’s got to be pretty awkward too. No awkwardness when you wear boxer shorts. Probably the most important thing about wearing boxers as briefs or underpants is this health and hygiene matter.

The man’s pride and joy is allowed to remain comfortable. And the cotton fabric also allows those busy boys, otherwise known as sperm, plenty of room to breathe. And they’re not overheating like wild monkeys in a zoo cage either. It’s important to keep things cool down there. And when the boys come out to play, it’s important to play it safe too.