Trade And Art Of Screen Printing Work

Go to a small screen printing workshop on the other side of town and you could discover that screen printing work is pretty hard work too. The design and manufacture and distribution of screen printing apparel falls within a pretty competitive space. But it would be too early to suggest that only the best survive in this business. yes, it may well be true that the fittest will always survive, but just how sure and true you are about this business keeps you in it for longer than most.

You are in it for the long haul because that is your passion. You will have seen trends, in more ways than one, come and go. And yet, here you still are. The screen printing business can be a hard taskmaster for anyone who dares to try it. And yet it can be pretty rewarding. Say now you are really interested in art. Today, it makes more business sense to focus your eye and mind on commercial art.

Working as a fine artist does have its appeals but where’s the food and shelter going to come from. You stand a better chance of surviving as an artist if you are catering for the mass markets. As a screen printer, your core focus assignments will always be on commerce. Not a day will go by and there will be some or another company looking to spruce up its image. And that is where you come in.

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Assume that you have acquired the trade skills and artistry. Now it is over to you to act the perfect salesman. You have got to be able to make a good sales pitch that holds back your potential customer from knocking on the door of a rival of which there will be a few.